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U.S. Seafood Companies Hook Record-Breaking Sales in Belgium

Seafood Expo Global (SEG) in Belgium recorded their largest catch on record with projected 12-month sales of $895 million and on-sites sales of $136 million.

USDA, USTR Announce that Vietnam Reopens Market to U.S. DDGS Exports

The government of Vietnam notified the U.S. that it will resume imports of American distillers dried grains (DDGS) which were suspended in December 2016.

An Update from USAEDC – SUSTA Continues to Work for You

U.S. export cooperator groups gather, learn about USDA efforts on trade and share best practices with each other.


This report provides statistical data and analysis on organic packaged food and drink products in the retail marketplace. 

U.S., China ink historic milled rice import agreement that could provide big opportunity for Louisiana mills, farmers

A historic trade agreement with China will allow exports of milled rice from the United States, providing a big opportunity for Louisiana rice mills.

Press Release: Mississippi Specialty Food Company Wins Award During Trade Show

Several Mississippi specialty food companies recently exhibited their products at the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show, where one of the companies brought home...

Chinese Beef Buyers Race to Get Hands on American Steak

Chinese meat importers are racing to get their hands on the first shipments of beef from the United States in 14 years

Looking Back and Moving Forward – SUSTA’s 2016 Program Year Recap

Following the late-spring completion of concluding activity surveys for Global Events and year-end 50% CostShare surveys, SUSTA’s team carefully compiles and analyzes ...

USDA Reorganizes to Emphasize the Importance of Trade to U.S. Agriculture

For most agriculture commodities it is the processor and manufacturer who bring them to the consumer

Using Data to Support SUSTA’s Services to Small Businesses

In 2017, the USDA’s Market Access Program (MAP), provided approximately $200 million to organizations representing farmers, ranchers, and small businesses engaged in exporting

NAFTA Renegotiation – Spirits

One  area the U.S. is seeking to “tweak” in the NAFTA agreement is the barriers to U.S. wine, beer and spirited beverages.

Honey: A Sweet Topic with New Data this Spring

NASS collects and reports annual data for honey bee colonies; survey data was recently expanded for more robust reports.

Import Logistics in China – Beyond Infrastructure

Exporting agricultural products to China is a significant undertaking, yet the market’s many positive demand indicators are enticing.

Trump picks Perdue for agriculture secretary, ending historically long search

President-elect Trump will nominate for agriculture secretary former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, a longtime rural agribusinessman.

A Positive Global Trade Balance for Agriculture

Given the value of farm exports and farm imports, the 2016 agricultural trade surplus is expected to be at least $24 billion.

Bird flu-plagued South Korea agrees to buy US eggs

South Korea is in the throes of a bird flu outbreak and for the first time has asked the United States to ship it shell eggs.

The Importance of Having an Export Plan

Exporting is a great way to build your business, but getting your product on the shelf of a foreign retailer has unique challenges of its own.

U.S. Sweet Potato Production Swells

Sweet potato production has increased substantially in recent years, achieving a record-high production in 2015

U.S. scrambles to clear egg exports to bird flu-hit Korea

U.S. officials are seeking an agreement with South Korea to allow American egg imports; the need stems from the Asian country's worst-ever outbreak of bird flu.

USDA Provides New Cost Share Opportunities for Organic Producers and Handlers

The USDA announced that organic producers and handlers can apply for federal reimbursement to assist with the cost of organic or transitional certification.

How to Perfect Your Market Entry Strategy

For a successful market entry strategy, research must be done per market; there is no 'one size fits all'. Euromonitor offers insight, starting with market selection.

Whole Foods Market serves up top 10 trends for 2017

Whole Foods Market announced trends to watch next year. While these may be trends in the domestic market, they are likely rippling through the international marketplace. 

Assessing Digital Frontiers in Packaged Food For Future Growth

This briefing reviews who the digital consumer is and which innovations will lead the way in finding new pockets of growth

Growth and Opportunity in the Organic Sector

Demand for organic products is expected to continue growing, while consumer demand outruns supply, providing market opportunities within the organic sector.

Top Four Targets for International Foodservice Expansion

Global expansion in the foodservice industry has become increasingly complicated. Yet, opportunities remain--albeit in a broader pool of consistently growing regions.

Statement by Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on How Ag Export Surge Boosted GDP Growth

"Exports reached 10 percent growth in the quarter, the highest since 2013, with agricultural exports contributing disproportionately to the gains."

Meeting the China E-Commerce Challenge

Technology helps improve productivity, efficiency and safety. Now, we’re discovering new ways that technology can offer benefits marketing U.S. farm and food products overseas.

USDA Announces Streamlined Guaranteed Loans and Additional Lender Category for Small-Scale Operators

EZ Guarantee Loans help family farmers and ranchers apply for loans from USDA-approved lenders to purchase farmland or finance agricultural operations.

Rise of High-Protein Bread an Opening for Ingredients Players

Bread with added protein is nothing new. However, none of the major players have chosen to test the water, until now.

Organic Juice: An Expanding Source of Growth, with Challenges

Concern surrounding the sugar content in juice has alerted consumers, prompting some to change their drinking habits and opt for higher quality and higher value products.

Seven Ways to Parlay a Trade Show into Real Opportunities

If there is value in a small business spending the time and money to attend a trade show, how can it best maximize the cost and reap the rewards?

Forecasting Growth in India

Future growth in India is expected to be fueled by non-metro, Tier 2 and 3 cities. This briefing forecasts the markets that will be driven by these geographies.

USDA Announces Plans to Purchase Surplus Cheese, Releases New Report Showing Trans-Pacific Partnership Would Create Growth for Dairy Industry

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is offering to purchase $20 million of cheddar cheese...

China Moves to Reopen Market to U.S. Beef

China's Ministry of Agriculture lifted its ban on U.S. beef following a recently concluded review of the U.S. supply system.

USDA Announces $26 Million Investment to Spur Agricultural Innovation

USDA is making an investment of $26.6 million, which will leverage an additional $32.5 million in matching investments from the grantees, more than doubling the federal investment.

Exchange Rate Favorable for U.S. Exports to Canada

The value of the U.S. dollar plays a role in export sales; the higher the dollar is valued against other currencies, the more expensive a landed U.S. product becomes.

Fresh Food: New Insights and System Refresher

Latest research & analysis of 2015 global sales of fresh products (fruits, veggies, eggs, meat, seafood, nuts…) from Euromonitor. 

PET CARE: New Insights and System Refresher

Latest research & analysis of 2016 global sales of pet care products from Euromonitor.

Discovering New Opportunities in Thailand – from Grains and Greens to Seafood

Thailand purchased a record $1.7 billion in food and agricultural products last year from the United States, making it our 13th largest export market.

Seed Businesses Saving Money Thanks to Canadian Trade Deal

Thanks to the USDA’s Ag Marketing Service and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, American seed growers & businesses are saving thousands in cross border transactions.

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack's Latest Quarterly Export Forecasts for 2016 and 2017

The United States' agricultural trade surplus is projected to rise to $19.5 billion. 

Can Private Label Gain a Foothold in Premium Dog and Cat Food in Western Europe?

This opinion piece explores private label for the more expensive dog food segment in Western Europe.

Showcasing New Opportunities in the Growing Philippines Food and Beverage Market

For those in the U.S. food and beverage market, food franchises in the Philippines offer great business potential.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Expands Presence and Engagement in Burma

“Burma is opening to the rest of the world and offers significant market potential for U.S. agricultural exports,” Karsting said.

USDA Announces Safety Net Assistance for Milk Producers

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack announced approximately $11.2 million in financial assistance to American dairy producers enrolled in the 2016 MPP-Dairy.

The Emerging Possibilities of E-commerce in Japan

Japan, as a country, eats more seafood than any other country on Earth besides China, which is more than 10 times Japan’s size. How does e-commerce factor in?

USDA Announces Reopening of Brazilian Market to U.S. Beef Exports

The USDA has reached agreement with Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply to allow access for U.S. beef and beef products to the Brazil.

Crop Insurance Gives Farmers More Planting Flexibility

Acting Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Michael Scuse announced that the federal crop insurance program will provide additional flexibility to farmers.

Exports: Getting Into the Game

FAS offers a variety of services and programs that help U.S. agricultural exporters succeed in the global marketplace.

Found in Translation: How Your Business Can Be Heard in Today's Marketplace

What does "going global" really mean? Of course it will mean a change in your business status quo. But how much change are we talking about?