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Big Picture: November 2020


Bernadette Wiltz, SUSTA

Howdy partner! Are you ready for 2021?

As the new year approaches, we here at SUSTA are ready to be your most valuable, one-stop resource to help you with your international marketing strategy. Whether you’re resuming marketing plans and campaigns that were interrupted by COVID, or launching a brand-new export sales plan, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s where you can count on us for.

Complete your due diligence on international markets with our educational webinars, in-country experts and market reports.SUSTA has a library of exporter guides from all of USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) personnel in 90 U.S. embassies and trade facilitation offices around the world. These reports provide a big picture of where U.S. products are in demand and where new opportunities are growing.

We also schedule webinars and consultations with our team of on-the-ground market experts in markets from Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, India and Latin America. They know the ins-and-outs of these markets, what buyers want, and can share with you what you need to know to enter a market, from macro trends, to what to expect from standard business practices.

These resources are valuable whether your company is not quite export ready, but you want to learn which markets provide the greatest potential and how you prepare to enter them, to a seasoned exporter who wants to expand further.

SUSTA also has trade leads and inquiries from export buyers that are available to your company.

In 2021, we’re excited to launch two new services. We will offer export readiness training led by an export professional who will evaluate company capacity for exporting, teach practical export fundamentals (how to: do market research, price products, organize logistics, ensure shipment) and help our small businesses develop an international marketing strategy. We will also launch an export help line, which will be manned by an expert who can field questions on a variety of topics related exporting. Stay tuned for both of these exciting new offerings.

Then, of course, we have our Global Events trade promotion activities – trade shows, virtual trade shows, inbound missions - where you can meet one-on-one with foreign buyers, and outbound missions where you can see the export market first hand while meeting with selected key buyers in top markets.

Finally, for exporting companies, SUSTA’s 50% CostShare program is there to stretch your investment in export marketing. Company costs such as advertising (including digital advertising campaigns), exhibiting at trade shows, producing packaging/labels for the foreign market and more can all be matched through the 50% CostShare program. In short, by matching dollar for dollar up to $300,000, SUSTA can help you double your in-country marketing budget.

Your export success is our business here at SUSTA. That is what we do, and we look forward to being your partner.

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