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The  Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services supports and promotes Florida agriculture, protects the environment, safeguards consumers, and ensures the safety and wholesomeness of food. Our programs and activities are so varied and extensive, they touch the life of just about every Floridian. 

As a member of SUSTA, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services assists Florida agricultural companies in their exporting efforts by participating in Inbound and outbound trade missions, domestic and international trade shows and export seminars that help support promotion and sales of Florida products overseas.

Some of the many ways the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services works for you:

  • We protect Florida’s livestock, honey bees and crop plants from pests and diseases.
  • We promote Florida’s 300 agricultural commodities across America and around the world.
  • We help farmers implement best management practices to conserve water and prevent water pollution.
  • We assist businesses and residents in the safe and proper use of pesticides.
  • We manage over a million acres of state forest land for multiple uses, including timber, wildlife habitat and recreation.
  • We fight wildfires to protect lives and property.
  • Through regulation and mediation, we safeguard consumers from unlawful and deceptive business practices.
  • We’re the state’s clearinghouse for consumer concerns. Our call center analysts answer questions, provide information and help resolve complaints.
  • We assist Florida’s schools in serving more than a million healthful meals each day, providing our students with the sustenance they need to succeed.
  • We inspect grocery stores and convenience stores for cleanliness and safety.
  • As Florida’s lead agency for food safety, we analyze more than 15,000 food samples each year. Our scientists test for toxins, allergens, chemical contaminants, pesticide residues, food additives and fraudulent formulations.

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Wilton Simpson, Commissioner
(850) 617-7700
Fax (850) 617-7744

400 South Monroe Street
Plaza Level 10
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Agriculture & Consumer Services Florida

The Mayo Building
407 S. Calhoun Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0800
Export Website

Fresh From Florida

Yolanda Roundtree, Chief, Bureau of Strategic Partnerships
(850) 617-7315
Fax (850) 617-7331

Whitney Lett, Development Representative Supervisor
(850) 617-7333
Fax (850) 617-7332

Palmer Linscott, Development Representative Supervisor
(850) 617-7343
Fax (850) 617-7332

Tom Gray, Development Representative
(850) 617-7338
Fax (850) 617-7332

Greg Nix, Development Representative
(850) 617-7325
Fax (850) 617-7332

Florida Combined

Food for Thought: How to Grow Your Food & Beverage Business through Exporting

Webinar (4/21/2021)
The Central Florida International Trade Office organized a webinar featuring the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Southern United States Trade Association to discuss how their services can help Central Florida food and beverage companies boost their sales and grow their business through exporting. Yo Mama's Foods' CEO David Habib also spoke about his experience successfully exporting and utilizing all of the programs and services available to him.

From Florida Ports to Foreign Shores

Webinar (9/1/2020) - Learn about the opportunities available to Florida food/beverage/horticulture and agriculture companies that want to expand internationally. Hear from the Commissioner Fried about Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services' commitment to Florida exporters; Whitney Lett on FDACS programs to support agribusinesses; Lenny Feldman, a trade attorney and expert in navigating regulatory issues; and Danielle Coco on SUSTA's programs.

Watch our SUSTA & Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services video: