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Benefits of Participation

Eligible Promotional Activities

This is the list of promotional activities that are eligible for 50% reimbursement through CostShare. The goal of these promotional activities is to promote your brand(s) to foreign buyers/distributors/consumers; so when you see ‘advertising’ for example, that means advertising in a foreign market.

To fully understand what is eligible and the claims documentation required for reimbursement, consult the CostShare Manual:

2020 CostShare Manual

2021 CostShare Manual

  1. Advertising: Production and placement of advertising, such as print and electronic media (including social media, influencers, etc)
  2. Freight/Shipping: Shipping point of sale materials and product samples to international customers or for in-store demonstrations, trade seminars, pre-approved trade missions and trade shows
  3. In-Store Demonstrations/Food Service Promotions: Product demonstrations and distribution of product samples
  4. In-Store Displays: Temporary displays outside the U.S., such as shelf talkers, displays, signage, etc., and rental of space for displays
  5. Creating Packaging/Labels for a Foreign Market: Design and production of packaging and labeling, or stickers, to meet import requirements of a foreign country
  6. Point of Sale Materials: Production, distribution, and translations of banners, recipe cards, company brochures and other similar materials
  7. Pre-Approved Outbound Trade Missions: The participation fee for an Outbound Trade Mission sponsored by either SUSTA or USDA, and the travel (round trip international flight, lodging and a per diem) for two company employees or representatives. (Airfare and lodging reimbursement is contingent upon what SUSTA’s Global Events Program covers. For example: if Global Events is paying for your hotel, you cannot turn in a claim for reimbursement for your lodging)
  8. Press Kits/Press Releases: Production and distribution of press releases, press kits and other materials and information directed at the foreign media, trade and consumers
  9. Promotional Giveaways: Items such as pens, key rings, etc. are 50% reimbursable up to $2.00 per individual item
  10. Trade Seminars - International: Seminar room rental, equipment rental, point of sale materials, and demonstrator/chef wages
  11. Trade Shows - Exhibiting at International: Exhibition fees, travel for up to two company employees or representatives, freight charges, equipment rental, setup charges, etc.
  12. Travel Expenses: Airfare, lodging and meals & incidentals (M&IE) per diem allowances for up to two company employees or representatives when exhibiting at trade shows or pre-approved trade missions outside the U.S. 
  13. Wages for Temporary Labor: Demonstrators, interpreters and translators that assist with trade shows, in-store and food service promotions and trade seminars
  14. Website/Web Pages: Costs for developing, servicing and updating website content that clearly targets a foreign audience, such as translating web pages
  15. Exhibiting at USDA-Approved U.S. Trade Shows: Exhibition fees, freight charges, equipment rental, setup charges, etc.