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The Southern United States Trade Association

is a non-profit organization that facilitates trade between small to medium-sized southern U.S. companies and overseas importers. Since 1973, SUSTA has worked with the Departments of Agriculture of the 15 southern states and Puerto Rico to promote the export of high-value food and agricultural products.

Dominican Republic Outbound Trade Mission

The Dominican Republic is now the fifth largest market for U.S. consumer oriented products in the Western Hemisphere, after Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Chile, with exports reaching $485 million in 2014. The growing presence of US products in the Dominican Republic is partly the result of a free trade agreement--CAFTA-DR. 

Aside from the free trade agreement, the Dominican Republic’s proximity to the US and growing level of purchasing power make the Dominican food market an interesting option for US and SUSTA region companies. It is worth mentioning that the Dominican Republic is a major destination for tourists and US restaurant chains; the presence of both US restaurant chains and tourists can broaden the demand for US consumer-oriented agricultural products. This market offers a lot of opportunities for growth in sales.

Recent News

Assessing Digital Frontiers in Packaged Food For Future Growth

This briefing reviews who the digital consumer is and which innovations will lead the way in finding new pockets of growth

Growth and Opportunity in the Organic Sector

Demand for organic products is expected to continue growing, while consumer demand outruns supply, providing market opportunities within the organic sector.

Top Four Targets for International Foodservice Expansion

Global expansion in the foodservice industry has become increasingly complicated. Yet, opportunities remain--albeit in a broader pool of consistently growing regions.

Oklahoma Fruit Spread Now Sold at German Retailers

Gina Hollingsworth does not speak German, nor does she have a background in the food industry. Yet two years after starting Southern Okie Gourmet Spreads in her kitchen, her fruit spreads were in two German stores, in addition to an ever expanding domestic footprint. 

Who We Are

We are proud to help food and agriculture companies meet the rising global demand for high-quality U.S. food and ag products. SUSTA delivers programs and services that allow Southern U.S. agribusinesses to Learn, Connect and Compete. Our programs bring results to companies at every stage of the export cycle. See how you can cultivate international markets.

Our Video

For over 30 years we have helped export thousands of products around the world. We take the complication out of exporting while connecting you to international buyers. With three unique programs you will find the perfect fit. Have questions about how to start? Watch our video to learn how SUSTA can help your agricultural business Succeed, Grow and Thrive.