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The Southern United States Trade Association

is a non-profit organization that facilitates trade between small to medium-sized southern U.S. companies and overseas importers. Since 1973, SUSTA has worked with the Departments of Agriculture to increase the export of southern U.S. food and agricultural products and enhance the economic well-being of the region.

SUSTA offers two core programs, Global Events and 50% CostShare.

Global Events 50% CostShare
Through Global Events, you can register to participate in our trade missions and exhibit in our pavilions at trade shows. The Global Events page has all upcoming events. Through 50% CostShare, you can apply for 50% reimbursement of eligible international marketing expenses, such as advertising in a foreign country or sampling your products in a foreign retailer.

Export Helpline

Whether you are new to exporting or have years of experience, specific issues will arise where you could use some help from a trusted resource. Through SUSTA’s Export Helpline, you can ask an industry-recognized expert with over 15 years of experience questions related to the export process, from how to do market research to pricing your product for export (and everything in between). 

SUSTA’s complimentary Export Helpline is one more service designed to ease your export process. This service is available to all companies with an eligible MySUSTA account.

Recent News

2023 Market Access Program Makes Big Impact

SUSTA programs created significant opportunities for southern exporters to grow internationally in 2023.

Exploring New Markets with RAPP

RAPP’s focus in on supporting U.S. exports to new markets where the middle class is growing and the demand for high-quality food and agriculture products is increasing.

SUSTA Allocated RAPP Funding

SUSTA will be allocated $9.38 million under the new Regional Agricultural Promotion Program to build demand for American agriculture in diverse markets.

Texas Company uses Multiple SUSTA Resources to Penetrate India

In December 2023, Space Enterprises, DBA World of Chia, traveled to India with SUSTA to explore the market in person for the first time. The Woodlands, Texas-based company left the event with a deal to supply a niche market with their chia seed jam - thanks to support from SUSTA's CostShare program.

Who We Are

We are proud to help food and agriculture companies meet the rising global demand for high-quality U.S. food and ag products. SUSTA delivers programs and services that allow Southern U.S. agribusinesses to Learn, Connect and Compete. Our programs bring results to companies at every stage of the export cycle. See how you can cultivate international markets.

Our Video

For over 30 years we have helped export thousands of products around the world. We take the complication out of exporting while connecting you to international buyers. With three unique programs you will find the perfect fit. Have questions about how to start? Watch our video to learn how SUSTA can help your agricultural business Succeed, Grow and Thrive.