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Big Picture: October 2022


Positive Feedback a Good Sign for Future of Exports

October is a busy month for SUSTA, and we hope it is a productive month for you too, taking advantage of the world class events to expand your exports. We have a month-long Virtual Japan Trade Mission; there is a Mexico Outbound Trade Mission going on as this newsletter is being written, and an Inbound Mission from Canada at the end of the month. Further, there are two major trade shows this month, SIAL Paris and SIAL China South. That’s a great way to enter the final quarter of the year.

This is a good time to review what SUSTA’s Global Events program means to companies like yours. I thought I’d share a few comments we’ve received from participating companies so far this year.

One comment in particular underscored the importance of taking advantage of these opportunities: “We are seeing the relationships build during these tough times.” Indeed, export marketing is about building those relationships on SUSTA trade missions and exhibitions.It is an ongoing activity, as one company shared, continuous contact “supports the relations built during this trip.”

Other shared their impressions of various activities:

  • Wonderful experience.
  • The quality of the buyers was very good, and I was excited about that.
  • Very valuable experience. Great Program.
  • The show/mission was excellent. All buyers were professional and very ready to do business
  • … looking forward to attending more missions in the future.

SUSTA is here to support your efforts every step of the way; we aim to please. That is why it is great to get feedback like this:

  • SUSTA has been incredible during this process.I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the pavilion and for the meetings scheduled that opened my eyes to exporting opportunities.
  • Everything went well and we were happy with the pre-planning and activity managers.

Of course, we’re also busy reconfirming companies’ accounts for the 2023 program year. There is a whole world of opportunity waiting. If you haven’t already, I urge you to update your MySUSTA account for 2023 and checkout the schedule of events for the rest of this year and next. Imagine your company’s experience being like this comment: “Being part of SUSTA has made my exporting business more profitable. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”