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Big Picture Report: January 2022


Big Picture Report: January 2022
Bernadette Wiltz-Lang, SUSTA

Happy New Year!
Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2022

We are starting to look at 2021 survey results as a whole, and it is clear that last year remained challenging for trade. However, the results show that companies who participated in SUSTA activities in 2021 are confident that their persistence will pay off in 2022. Virtually every company responding to the end of the year survey is projecting sales in 2022 to increase.As one company commented, “We were able to make some good contacts and will be leveraging those shortly after the New Year.”

Hopefully, in 2021 you took advantage of SUSTA’s resources, whether it was a virtual trade mission or an educational service, like in-country consultations, Export Readiness Training or the Export Helpline. These resources are in place so that you can prepare to launch the most effective marketing plan for 2022. We have a strong line-up of Global Events for 2022, so be sure to check out our calendar.

In 2021, we, again, pivoted many of our events to take place virtually. At first blush, the surveys show that sales from these events were made in India, Peru, Central America and the Caribbean. Sales were booked at the Gulfood and SIAL China trade shows as well.

This feedback is a good reminder that although we now are into the 2022 program year, properly wrapping up 2021 is vitally important. As always, companies in the 50% Cost Share program are asked to complete a year-end review of their marketing activities. That process is just getting started, but we have received reports of sales in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America so far.

Companies who participated in Global Events activities are asked to review and evaluate those marketing efforts immediately after the activity, and six months later as a follow-up to focus on sales results. This feedback is vitally important and is used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of SUSTA’s programs and to chart a course of constant improvement and export growth from the SUSTA region.

We are still awaiting some survey results from 2021 and are reviewing any and all feedback on the events. Sharing your experiences, results and insights is the cornerstone of building future activities and strategies, and it helps USDA assess the investment of market development funds. This past year, as we navigated a still rocky landscape for trade promotion events, and as we look toward the future in the coming year, company input is more important than ever to help guide our support of your export marketing plans, keeping them aimed in the right direction.

Here’s to a great New Year!One thing that has remained constant over the past two years and won’t change at all in 2022 - SUSTA is here is help. Please check your MySUSTA account to see the opportunities to connect you with qualified foreign buyers all over the world.