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Big Picture: May 2021


Big Picture Report: May 2021
Bernadette Wiltz-Lang, SUSTA

Have a question about exporting? Just ask us.

We are pleased and excited to roll out our latest export training and educational tool, SUSTA’s Export Helpline.

It happens all the time – whether you are brand new to exporting or could write a book yourself from years of experience – there are still specific issues that pop up where you could use some help from a trusted resource, someone who understands where you are coming from.

Through SUSTA’s Export Helpline, you can pose your questions to an industry-recognized expert who has more than 15 years of experience in export marketing. The Export Helpline can be accessed if you have a MySUSTA account. There’s an on-line form with a drop-down list of key topics. It is a thorough list of issues where questions most commonly arise.

Have questions about what your export readiness checklist should look like? How to prep for an upcoming event?Where to find resources for your market research?How to find leads and foreign buyers? The Export Helpline is where you want to go.

You can also get counsel on how to price your products for export, learn more about shipping and logistics, or learn what to expect in terms of necessary export documents.

The Export Helpline is among the many fabulous resources offered by SUSTA. For example, all of the PowerPoint decks from SUSTA’s in-country consultants which were presented just this April are available through your MySUSTA account as well.

Did you know some of the most frequently asked questions by Japanese buyers during the 2020 virtual trade mission were about product shelf-life, minimum order quantities, and food safety certification? Or if you are curious what type of actual products in which Central American buyers showed the most interest, you can see that too in the Central America presentation. Or, if you want to learn more about the Halal market, such as what types of products are – and most importantly are not – restricted and the market sectors where Halal products are growing, then the Middle East presentation will be of interest.

Of course, there is an overview and some insights into the post-COVID market for each country or region, including Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, India and Europe.Moreover, webinars on the U.K., South Africa, Brazil, and more have all been added so far this year.

If it’s been a while since you’ve accessed the resources available through your MySUSTA account, the new Export Helpline is a good reason to come back.Each of these resources are complimentary tools to help you build a successful export strategy.

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