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North-South Food Link


The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) is pleased  to announce the North-South Food Link, a Virtual Trade Event (VTE) focusing on natural and healthy food products, which will take place on October 1, 2020. This event will be focused on establishing connections and increasing agricultural trade from the United States to Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

North-South Food Link will provide a unique opportunity for U.S. natural and healthy food product exporters to expand into our focus markets. Participating exporters willconnect one-on-one with potential buyers through virtual business-to-business meetings set up in advance by FAS and learn about trade and economic conditions through targeted market briefings and data analysis from FAS. 

The targeted markets for the North-South Food Link provide excellent opportunities for U.S. exporters. Specifically:

  • Argentina has over 3 million high-end consumers who are insulated from economic downturns and are a primary target for U.S. exporters. Specialty products are sought by retailers of all sizes, who often position imported products at the front of their establishments in order to attract and impress consumers.
  • Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America. Natural, organic and healthier products are top niches among more affluent consumers. Products that optimize processes in the kitchen such as dehydrated, lyophilized, pre-cooked and prepared mixes are in high demand. 
  • Chile has the highest GDP per capita in South America and continues to be the most stable country politically and economically. All goods of U.S. origin come to Chile duty-free, and demand for healthy food products continues to grow. U.S. products are perceived to be of high quality, safe, unique, and reliable.
  • Colombia is the leading destination for U.S. agricultural exports in South America. Significant market opportunities exist for private label products and healthy ingredients. Under Covid-19 conditions, consumer preferences for these products have increased at a faster than normal pace. 

U.S. companies interested in joining the North-South Food Link should email virtualtradeevents@usda.gov with their completed application by September 1. (Application form is in the PDF below)

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