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Big Picture Report: December 2021


Bernadette Wiltz-Lang

Sustainability Sells in the Global Market

As you put together your marketing plan for 2022 there is a key trend to consider: Sustainability. According to the EU-based analytical firm, Economist Intelligence Unit, over the past 5 years there has been a 71 percent increase in online searches for sustainable goods globally. Interest in sustainability has increased in developed and developing economies alike.

This trend in marketing the environmental and social benefits of U.S. food and agricultural products is not limited to just big corporate brands anymore; it is of growing importance to small companies and private label brands as well. Fortunately, U.S. products have a strong selling point – the proven sustainability of U.S. agriculture and food production.

To support the U.S. agriculture and food industry, USDA has been developing its Climate Smart Agriculture and Forestry Strategy (CSAF). The plan is based on leveraging existing programs – including the Market Access Program (MAP) – to support the message of the CSAF. One effort already undertaken is the creation of a series of ultra-high-definition videos communicating the positive qualities of U.S. agriculture, fisheries and forestry, supporting a wide range of U.S. products available in the European market.

SUSTA is proud that one of the early videos highlights the production and harvesting of products that go into that classic Southern dish, gumbo, educating European importers, buyers and consumers on the sustainability of the Southern seafood industry and rice production, as well as the social stability those industries bring to multi-generational small businesses. We will share that video soon!

To further promote and recognize the commitment of Southern agribusinesses to sustainability, SUSTA created a new page on our website. The Sustainable South will feature producers in the South that are passionate about providing safe, wholesome and affordable food and farm products to consumers.

We want to hear and share your story! We are looking for stories about science, innovation, animal welfare, climate…all of the things being done to work towards environmental and economical sustainability.

Please share your sustainability story with us! Contact SUSTA’s Marketing Team to get started:

Contact Missie Lindsey If you are in Arkansas, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia or West Virginia.

Contact Alister Perez if you are in Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina or Texas.