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Seafood Expo Asia 2019

Sep 3 - 5, 2019
Hong Kong
Trade Show - International

Total U.S. agricultural exports to Hong Kong reached US $4.1 billion in 2016. In the same year, exports of U.S. consumer-oriented products totaled US $3.6 billion in Hong Kong, which is ranked as the 4th largest market. Because of its central location and free port status, 29% of Hong Kong imports are re-exported. Of those products re-exported, over 50% are re-exported to Mainland China.

Due to limited local production, imported food accounts for over 95% of food supplies in Hong Kong. As a result, U.S. food has cemented itself as a high-quality product worthy of premium price in Hong Kong backed by its healthy and nutritious image. Therefore, demand is projected to increase with growing health consciousness and a rising number of affluent consumers. Also, Chinese and Hong Kongese buyers have a strong inclination for U.S Seafood products.

Previous performances have proven that Seafood Expo Asia is a great event for U.S seafood suppliers. For example, companies that participated in the previous editions were able to expand their sales network in Hong Kong and other Asian markets by meeting with the distributors, retailers, foodservice operators during the show. Meanwhile, new-to-export companies gained in-depth understanding of the market and formed a primary network composed of leading seafood buyers in the region.

Participation Fee: $1255 (if you register and pay before April 3, 2019); $1455 (if you register after April 3, 2019)

Fee Includes:

  • Afurnished and decorated 100 sq. ft. booth space in the USA pavilion including installation and dismantling of booth
  • 5 co‐exhibitor badges per company, professional chef to prepare your product, ice and overnight cold storage
  • Market Briefing
  • Allowance of up to 100 lbs. of shipping using SUSTA‚Äôs designated freight forwarder in the United States to Hong Kong.
  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations after the registration deadline.

Registration Deadline: June 3, 2018 (No refunds for cancellation after this date)

50% CostShare: Apply now for SUSTA's 50% CostShare to request 50% reimbursement of participation fee, travel costs for up to two company representatives (flight, hotel, meals and incidentals), promotional giveaway items, point of sale materials and more!

Event Surveys: You are required to complete two surveys for this event. Access your surveys by logging into your MySUSTAaccount.

Initial Survey: Available September 4, 2019 and due September 11, 2019
Concluding Survey:
Available March 4, 2020 and due March 11, 2020

Industry Focus
Product Description
  • Fresh & Frozen Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Value-Added Seafood Products
Event Activities and Prices Pricing Additional Information
Seafood Expo Asia 2019    
Booth Space $1,455.00  
Event Activities and Prices
Seafood Expo Asia 2019
Event Title Pricing Additional Information
Booth Space $1,455.00
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There are no market related events.
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