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Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) - New!

In early September 2018, the USDA launched a trade mitigation package aimed at assisting farmers suffering from damage due to trade retaliation by foreign nations. In total, USDA will authorize up to $12 billion in programs. Of that amount, $200 million has been earmarked for Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) to be administered through the Foreign Agricultural Service. ATP is available to all sectors of U.S. agriculture, including fish and forest product producers, mainly through partnerships with non-profit national and regional organizations, such as SUSTA.

ATP will help U.S. agricultural exporters develop new markets and will help mitigate the adverse effects of tariff and non-tariff barriers. SUSTA has applied for ATP funds to assist our southern food and agriculture industries.

Here are some basic elements of SUSTA’s ATP proposal:

In an effort to assist companies that are facing challenges with increased tariffs and non-tariff barriers SUSTA has identified new markets to help companies diversify their strategies.They are:

  • Central America
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Malaysia
  • Northern Europe
  • Philippines
  • Scandinavia

SUSTA will also offer cost-share assistance to eligible U.S. companies for eligible activities such as consumer advertising, public relations, point-of-sale materials, in-store demonstrations and participation in trade fairs and exhibits, etc. Basically, everything you currently do under SUSTA’s Market Access Program (MAP) 50% CostShare. However there are two key differences between MAP 50% CostShare and the 50% reimbursements funded through ATP:

  • Company size. To be eligible under ATP a company’s size can be three times that of the SBA size standard. With MAP, you must be below the SBA size standard.
  • No graduation. Approved ATP CostShare companies can receives 50% reimbursement for eligible promotions in any international market including those markets that you have graduated from under MAP. Reimbursements through ATP will not count toward your graduation from a market. With MAP you are only allowed up to five years of getting reimbursed for marketing and promotional activities.

One thing worth mentioning, ATP will run alongside MAP. It does not replace MAP and funding is limited to up to three years depending on availability of funds. This is an opportunity to strengthen your marketing and promotional strategies, diversify, and continue to grow your business despite the challenges in the global market.

How to Apply:

Get your 2019 Market Access Program application in! When ATP funds become available SUSTA will send out information to inform all companies that ATP funds are available. If you have an approved MAP application, there will be an opportunity to amend your 2019 MAP application to include ATP strategies.


This is a lot of new information. Should you have any questions, please direct them to:
Bernadette Wiltz, SUSTA’s Executive Director
Troy Rosamond, SUSTA’s Deputy Director & Financial Director 

Both are available at (504)568-5986