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MAP Brand Promotion 2014
SUSTA will process 2014 Brand Promotion applications throughout the 2014 program year until all funding is allocated. Companies are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible for the best chance of receiving their funding request. All applications are accepted on a first-come, first-approved, first-served basis.

Download the 2014 Pre-Qualification Worksheet below and email your completed form to ( Once your Pre-Qualification Worksheet has been approved, the Brand Promotion department will be in touch so you can complete the full Brand Promotion application.

Apply for MAP Brand Promotion funds now:

*NEW* Download 2014 Pre-Qualification Form 

Samples of MAP Brand Promotion Applications:
Sample: 2014 MAP Pre-Qualification Form 
Sample: 2014 MAP Brand Application Form 

Brand Promotion Manuals:
The manuals listed below are a great go-to resource for Brand Promotion. SUSTA encourages all participating and interested companies to read through this extremely helpful program guide:

2013 MAP Brand Promotion Manual 
2014 MAP Brand Promotion Manual  (coming soon) 

Other Resources:
Link to North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes Table

Approval of applicants is in the discretion of SUSTA and in accordance with its construction of its purpose.

MAP Brand Promotion Activity Plan Amendment Request (APAR)
Complete the appropriate form(s) below to amend your approved MAP Brand Promotion application; APARs must be approved before incurring expenses for promotional activities.
Activity Plan Amendment Request (APAR)
APAR Country Marketing Plan - Foreign Market
APAR Country Marketing Plan - USA
APAR Brand Owner Permission
APAR Private Label Agreement
APAR Add Importer/Distributor


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