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International Marketing Program
Industry Export Promotions

For commodities or products that are least 50% U.S. agricultural origin and are not represented by another promotion organization (i.e. Meat Export Federation), SUSTA organizes a variety of trade promotions at a reduced cost to participants.

SUSTA is assisted in this effort by the state departments of agriculture from the participants' states.

Common activities include:

  • Trade missions
  • Trade shows
  • In-store promotions
  • Market research
  • Trade seminars
  • Hotel and restaurant promotions
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Long-term initiatives

To participate, companies should:

  • Create a profile on SUSTA's website by clicking on the "Sign In" button and selecting the "New to SUSTA?" option.
  • Complete a Pre-Qualification
    Sample 2016 Pre-Qualification
  • Identify activities of interest on the Events page.
  • Select an event
  • Register for the event by signing into our website
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Approval of applicants is in the discretion of SUSTA and in accordance with its construction of its purpose.

International Marketing Program Links:

Register your company on our website to receive industry news and sign up for International Marketing events.

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2016 Event Calendar

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Outreach Calendar
Keeping up with SUSTA export seminars has never been easier! Check our listing for educational events and trade shows where you can meet us!

A Tennessee grower introduces new products and makes sales in the Middle East.

A Texas company goes global for the first time with SUSTA.

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